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Tên Design on controllers for electrical appliances in smart home
Lĩnh vực Điện - Điện tử - Tự động hóa
Tác giả Tran Que Son, Tran Manh Tuan, Le Van Hoan, Phung Thanh Hai, Nguyen Minh Y
Nhà xuất bản / Tạp chí International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy Tập 6 Số 2 Năm 2017
Số hiệu ISSN/ISBN 2315-4462
Tóm tắt nội dung

This paper presents a theoretical and practical design of controllers for electrical appliances in smart home. Taking into account the advantage of information and automation technologies, the home appliance can be controlled accordingly to the price signal of electricity to minimize the total energy cost over a period of time. The problem is formulated in Dynamic Programming framework and solved by Dynamic Program backward algorithm. Then, the proposed scheme is tested in case study to control the charging process of Electric Vehicle; a comparison to the traditional scheme is performed to illustrate its effectiveness. Currently, a “testbed” model of smart home is under construction at Thai Nguyen University of Technology in which the proposed scheme will be applied to control the typical home appliances with a communication system based on Zigbee protocol.