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Tên Investigation of MQL-Employed Hard-Milling Process of S60C Steel Using Coated-Cermented Carbide Tools
Lĩnh vực Cơ khí - Động lực
Tác giả Tran Minh Duc and Tran The Long
Nhà xuất bản / Tạp chí Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation Tập 6 Số 3 Năm 2016
Số hiệu ISSN/ISBN 2159-5283
Tóm tắt nội dung

 The application of cutting fluids in machining brings out many benefits, but their use is accompanied by health and enviroment hazards. MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubricant) has become a preciously alternative solution for lubrication against dry machinning and flood cooling lubricant, and this is a step toward green machining. This paper presents a comprehensively experiemental study on investigation of MQL performance in hard milling of S60C steel for multiple responses, including surface quality, cutting forces and tool wear. Compared to dry milling, even-enhanced surfaces finish quality, 20% less cutting force (Ft) and almost 112% prolonged tool lifetime are achieved by using MQL with 5% Emulsion in hard milling. In addition, this study compared the performances of MQL milling by using 5% Emulsion to the peanut oil completely harmless to the enviroment. This encouraging result, therefore, reveals that the MQL-employed hard milling can enable significant improvement in productivity, product quality, and overall machining economy even after covering the additional cost of designing and implementing MQL system. Moreover, this study also shows the limitation of peanut oils employed in MQL and proposes the further research in novel additives to enhance the performance of cooling lubricant for vegetable oils