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Tên Design of Sugeno fuzzy logic controller for Resistance furnace
Lĩnh vực Điện - Điện tử - Tự động hóa
Tác giả Nguyen Tien Duy, Nguyen Phuong Van, Tong Hai Yen, Nghiem Van Tinh
Nhà xuất bản / Tạp chí Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science Studies (JMESS) Tập 3 Số 8 Năm 2017
Số hiệu ISSN/ISBN 2458-925X
Tóm tắt nội dung

In this paper, we demonstrated the application of Sugeno type fuzzy model to develop FLC-sugeno controllers for resistance furnace. We designed and simulated the operation of the system with PI-classical and FCL-sugeno controllers on Matlab/Simulink. The simulation results have been compared, evaluated through control quality according to quality criteria such as Rise time, Overshoot, Settling time, ISE (Integrated Square of Error). This shows that FLC-sugeno outperforms PI-classical as giving better quality control in terms of every indicator

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