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Tên A new simple parallel iteration method for a class of variational inequalities
Lĩnh vực Toán học
Tác giả Nguyen Song Ha, Nguyen Buong, Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy
Nhà xuất bản / Tạp chí Acta Mathematica Vietnamica Năm 2017
Số hiệu ISSN/ISBN Print ISSN 0251-4184, Online ISSN 2315-4144
Tóm tắt nội dung

In this paper, we propose a new simple parallel iterative method to find a solution for variational inequalities over the set of common fixed points of an infinite family of nonexpansive mappings on real reflexive and strictly convex Banach spaces with a uniformly Gâteaux differentiable norm. Our parallel iterative method is simpler than the one proposed by Buong et al. (Numer. Algorithms 72, 467–481, 2016. An iterative method of Halpern type for common zeros of an infinite family of m-accretive mappings is shown as a special case of our result. Two numerical examples are also given to illustrate the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed algorithm.