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Tên A study of intercultural communication: responding to complaints between Vietnamese and British people
Lĩnh vực Ngôn ngữ học
Tác giả Diêm Thị Thu Thủy,
Nhà xuất bản / Tạp chí Năm 2017
Số hiệu ISSN/ISBN 2525-2232
Tóm tắt nội dung

In the light of theoretical background of speech act, complaining is an inevitable part of our daily life and in a multicultural environment nowadays, it is more important to enrich communicators who have different cultural background with essential knowledge about how to deal with complaints. The study is aimed at investigating the preferred strategies that the British and Vietnamese use to verbally respond to complaints. Furthermore, it intended to figure out whether there exists difference in the way they use those strategies  and in accordance with different situations and difference interlocutors. For the purpose of investigating the dimensions thoroughly, both qualitative and quantitative methods were applied in data analysis procedures. The results revealed that there are thirteen strategies used when the Vietnamese and British respond to complaints and there are actually several differences in their choice of strategies. It is also concluded that there are some cultural notes and discussions suggested for those who are living, studying and working in a multicultural environment consisting of the British and Vietnamese